October 23 - 25, 2018

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Permabond launches new Polyurethane Adhesives


SOMERSET, NJ - Permabond is delighted to announce the launch of its new range of two-component polyurethane adhesives. Permabond PT326 and PT328 are ideal for bonding, laminating, potting and encapsulating components. They are available in a variety of cure speeds and all products have rapid strength development enabling them to speed up production lines and reduce the amount of time components need to be clamped. They cure to form high strength bonds with excellent resistance to chemicals and elevated temperatures – often exceeding the performance of a standard two-part epoxy.

They are ideal for bonding a wide variety of substrate materials such as plastics, composites, wood, metal and ceramics. Their low-shrinkage characteristics and room temperature cure make them suitable for a diverse range of applications such as potting electronics, bonding automotive interior trim, furniture, curtain walls, FRP, SMC and composite panels for the transportation industry.

Permabond’s polyurethane adhesives cure to form a tack-free solid so they can also be used for coating applications. Their flexibility allows easy bonding of dissimilar surfaces where differential expansion and contraction could be an issue (for example between metal and glass – in the event of a sudden temperature change, the glass could crack if a rigid adhesive were used). Because PT326 and PT328 are two-part systems (resin and hardener), they are well suited to bonding and laminating areas where single part moisture-cure products are not practical.

About Permabond Permabond develops and manufactures engineering adhesives and sealants for assembly, manufacturing, repair, and maintenance. Permabond technologies include cyanoacrylates (instant adhesives), anaerobics (for threadlocking, retaining, gasketing and pipe sealing), structural adhesives, and UV curable adhesives. Permabond offers custom formulating for unique requirements. Products are sold worldwide through authorized distributors. ISO 9001:2008 • For information please visit our website at or contact us • Americas 732-868-1372 • Asia + 86 21 5773 4913 • Europe +44(0)1962 711661

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