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Whether Assembling One Large Item or 1000’s of Small Ones Assembly Magazine Has You Covered

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February 20, 2013 It’s hard to believe but we may have found somebody who enjoys speaking with Manufacturers as much as we do! MRR is proud to welcome John Sprovieri, Chief Editor of Assembly Magazine.

Today we learned that Assembly Magazine has been around for nearly 50 years providing original content to Manufacturers, Distributors, Managers, Engineers, and anyone else who assembles products on a daily basis. By keeping their subscribers informed about the latest assembling technology within wide variety of industries the value that Assembly Magazine provides it readers grows stronger with every issue.

Cross Pollination of Industries Equals More Innovation

John described that by covering a wide range of industries readers are often able to pick and pull the best practices and techniques from areas that they normally would have never considered. John also spoke about emerging trends in manufacturing, specifically the role that automation is going to play looking towards the future. Even more specifically, we discuss the potentially enormous impact that the new Baxter Robot will have on small to medium size manufacturers. Curious what the outlook for capital spending looks like for 2013 and 2014? Take a listen and hear John cover the results of Assembly’s Capital Equipment Spending Survey.

As we usually note, we simply covered too much ground to describe everything here. The only way for you not to miss anything is to take a moment and download the interview. It makes for a great way to unwind after a busy today.

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