October 23 - 25, 2018

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Permabond Engineering Adhesives® Custom Formulations Skyrocketing

SOMERSET, NJ –Permabond Engineering Adhesives’ new product development teams continue to meet the high demand for custom formulations worldwide. Although Permabond has hundreds of standard adhesives and sealants that are specified globally, there is a growing demand for customized products to maximize the quality and cost effectiveness of manufacturing. Adhesive manufacturers often have rigid criteria that prevent them from providing a custom solution for the average manufacturer. Permabond welcomes the challenge.

“The sectors with the highest growth in custom formulations are acrylics, UV curable adhesives, and epoxies.” Manny Dias, Permabond Technical Manager. “The three primary drivers for custom formulation are 1. To increase bond strength on new polymers, advanced materials, and composites. 2. To reduce weight (lightening) and 3. To decrease manufacturing costs through streamlined processes.” Dave Czaplewski, VP Sales & Marketing, Permabond.

Permabond custom adhesive formulations maximize bond strength and stress distribution. They permit bonding the flood of advanced materials designed to increase strength and reduce weight. Manufacturers understand the value of maximizing the efficiency of assembly processes; tailoring an adhesive to meet specific requirements saves time. The requirements of weight reduction, assembly efficiency, and product quality are likely here to stay, so it isn’t likely this demand will decline any time soon.

About Permabond

Permabond develops and manufactures engineering adhesives and sealants for assembly, manufacturing, repair, and maintenance. Permabond offers custom formulating for unique requirements. Products are sold worldwide through authorized distributors. ISO 9001:2015 For information please visit our website at or contact us • Americas 800-714-0170 or 732-868-1372 • Asia + 86 21 5773 4913 • Europe +44(0)1962 711661


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