Light Guide Systems Improves Manufacturing Outcomes With Advanced Augmented Reality Technology


New 3D Vision Cameras, immersive part kitting and sequencing and hardware options drive productivity and customization in manufacturing processes

Novi, Michigan - Light Guide System, an augmented reality technology tool designed to streamline processes and make factory floors smarter, safer and better, announced new capability updates for Light Guide Systems Classic™ and Light Guide Systems PRO™. These advanced features include highly intuitive 3D vision, simple and immersive part kitting and sequencing, and a wide variety of new hardware options ranging from torque wrenches, wireless gauges, robots, weight scales, and manufacturing execution systems. Light Guide Systems inventor and OPS Solutions Founder, President and CEO Paul Ryznar made the announcement.

These advances will increase operator engagement to eliminate mistakes, improve cycle times, offer greater transparency and traceability, all while saving time for quality and manufacturing engineering personnel to author the work instructions, according to Ryznar.

“As manufacturers seek to produce more and more customized products in their respective industries, our objective is to help streamline their processes, improve efficiency and drive overall productivity,” said Ryznar. “Modern manufacturing is all about using innovative technology to find customized solutions for challenges on the factory floor. The Light Guide Systems team is constantly working to incorporate new client goals into our latest wave of software updates.”

Light Guide Systems is a digital operating “canvas” projected directly onto almost any work surface, providing audio and visual prompts, guidance, pacing and direction. Built-in error-proofing mechanisms and a "No Faults Forward" system design ensures that the right parts are used, the approved sequence is followed, and the correct processes are completed. In addition, Light Guide Systems’ guidance seamlessly interfaces with machine vision cameras, torque wrenches, barcode scanners, and a variety of additional factory tools for real-time user feedback and confirmation.

At the Assembly Show 2016, the Light Guide Systems team will present a fully operational demonstration of the Light Guide Systems PRO™ augmented reality technology in which visitors will experience the ease and efficiency of the system first-hand. By interacting with the system, visitors will gain a deeper understanding of Light Guide Systems augmented reality technology and its immense variety of applications across the manufacturing and assembly industry.

The Light Guide Systems team has added the following new features:

3D Vision

  • Using infrared time-of-flight 3D vision cameras, the system can gain awareness of where an operator is reaching and whether components are in their proper place.
  • Configuration can be completed in minutes with an intuitive, point-and-click interface that learns where things should be.
  • The camera can be mounted several meters away from the work surface, with no wires, reflectors, markings, stickers, or any other components in the work area.
  • Several dozen parts bins can be monitored by a single camera and used to automatically advance after a successful part pick, or else alarm if an operator reaches into the wrong bin.

Immersive Part Kitting and Sequencing

  • Based on customer demand, we have developed and deployed systems in parts kitting cells that are custom tailored for this application.
  • Parts are managed in an easy to use, intuitive interface with part numbers, pictures, and descriptions that will be projected or displayed throughout the kit area.
  • The MES system determines the pick order and operators can immediately know where their next part is coming from no matter where they are looking.

New Hardware Options

  • The Light Guide Systems PRO™ offers the core Light Guide Systems capabilities in a completely integrated hardware platform with a computer, projector, monitor, and touchpad with no assembly required and a single standard power cord.
  • Dramatically expanded list of torque wrench capabilities – including Open Protocol integration, ability to communicate to multiple devices, read and write control over more torque parameters, and better ability to tell if the torque tool is in the correct place before enabling it.
  • Integration with wireless gauges that so that not only can Light Guide show where to put the gauge, but it can immediately display, record, and react to the gauge reading as it happens.
  • Further experience with all types of robots and robot cells, but especially with collaborative robots that can work alongside human operators.
  • Deployment of systems with weight scales to help count parts during an assembly process.


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About Light Guide Systems

Novi, Mich.-based Light Guide Systems, Light Guide Medical and OPS Solutions have created patented products, Light Guide Systems PRO™ and Light Guide Systems Classic™, which use proprietary software and high-powered projector systems to guide and confirm completion of complex tasks. From assembly to quality control to training, Light Guide System’s technology provides the visualization, traceability and flexibility demanded by leading companies worldwide. Key industries include aerospace, agriculture, automotive, energy, heavy equipment and medical. Learn more at

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