UPC Launches Enhanced Version of MAAG KIT Precision Kitting System for Mission - Critical Assembly Applications


Wallingford, CT, September 9, 2015 - UPC, LLC., a leading global supplier of cost-effective, easily-deployed engineering solutions for complex assembly and research scenarios in high-value aerospace, stationary power, pharmaceutical, turbine, and rotating machinery applications, has launched MAAGTM KIT Version 1.2, a disruptive, feature-rich, user-friendly, precision kitting system that eliminates old envelope, bag, adult-proof pill box, bin and scoop cup kitting procedures associated with mission-critical small parts assembly applications.

Utilizing “Modular At A Glance” technology, MAAG KIT offers unrivaled performance and unmatched process organization by effectively eliminating wasted time, work stops and repetitive unproductive motions associated with component, tool and parts lookup, selection and installation used in current assembly procedures. Its’ impact-resistant, transparent case cover enables immediate visual validation of parts inventories while keeping expensive assembly component parts protected and safe. Unused parts during assembly procedures are also easily identifiable, thereby allowing “on-the-fly” inventory modifications and resulting cost savings.

“The overriding design philosophy behind MAAG KIT was to develop and deploy an easy-to-install and easy-to-use product that would allow assembly engineers and line personnel to significantly improve assembly productivity through enhanced component visualization and manipulation capabilities,” said Phil Mader, UPC director of engineering. “The ability to have a computer-based kitting system with advanced process data capabilities results in having the right components for the right assembly operation at the right moment which dramatically reduces turn-around time, improves productivity, and maximizes system ROI.”

Unlike competitive offerings, each individual MAAG KIT insert tray is custom engineered and fabricated to each individual application utilizing the most exact, stringent specifications to hold parts in place even in the most extreme shipping and installation environments. Defying obsolescence, each component cell in the kit is modular thereby eliminating the need to replace the entire kit when there is a part change. Kits are also clearly labeled with part numbers and quantities as well as bar-coded with key assembly application data to maximize line efficiency, productivity and inventory management throughout the entire parts lifecycle.

General Availability:
MAAG KIT V1.2 is currently available for immediate delivery. For additional information, please UPC LLC.

Feature Summary:

  • Transparent case cover enables visual parts inventory validation
  • Modular compartments prevent lost/falling parts and facilitate faster assembly installation through ergonomic, “organized-by-procedure” design
  • Impact-resistant casing material keeps expensive parts safe and protected
  • Individual modular compartments keep parts in place and separated to eliminate friction and impact damage
  • Kits are clearly labeled with part number/quantity and bar-coded with key assembly application data
  • Kits are recyclable/reusable for other installations
  • Kits are easily stored, shipped, tracked, stocked and restocked, saving valuable time
  • Computer-designed and manufactured to readily accommodate kit arrangements and modifications for overnight delivery ….bringing high value to our precision assembly customers.


Benefits Summary:

  • Eliminates waste and work stops due to improper part quantities and types
  • View of entire build-assembly improves quality and speed of installation
  • Increased assembly-line productivity - no line stoppages, waiting for parts, walking to stockroom
  • Lower procurement costs – purchase only what is actually needed/used in assembly application
  • Reduced total inventory investment
  • Increased inventory accuracy – exact part number and quantities used per assembly operation
  • Improved forecast reliability through usage reports
  • Elimination of F.O.D. (foreign object damage)
  • Kanban replenishment cycle through barcode technology - accurately trace/bill hardware to specific business units
  • Guaranteed component stocking levels through electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Unused parts are easily identified, streamlining inventory management


About UPC:

Connecticut-based UPC is a leading supplier of cost-effective, easily-deployed engineering solutions for complex assembly and research scenarios in high-value aerospace, stationary power, pharmaceutical, turbine, and rotating machinery applications. Leveraging nearly two decades of experience in custom design engineering, process management, and procurement control, today UPC services numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Pratt & Whitney and Bristol-Myers Squibb, with mission-critical production assembly kitting, horizontal sash sensing, and low-flow, liquid circulating leak protection systems that help these world-class organizations achieve faster production runs, lower failure rates, and maximum asset utilization. For additional information, please visit


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For further information, contact:

Phil Mader, UPC, LLC
Engineering Director








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