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InterTech Demonstrates Latest in Flexible Design for Leak Testing at Production Rates


InterTech Development Company, designer and manufacturer of solutions for leak testing, functional testing, and test centric assembly showcases quick-change leak test stands at The ASSEMBLY Show in 2014.

(SKOKIE, Illinois USA – October 3, 2014) M1075 Leak Test instruments and leak testing work cells with quick-change designs are showcased at The ASSEMBLY Show in Rosemont, Illinois, October 28-30, 2014, booth 819 by InterTech Development Company. Visitors are invited to see working examples of leak testing applications for medical and automotive applications.

As demonstrated in the InterTech booth, and thanks to mass flow technology, entire families of parts are leak or flow tested with the same instrument. Furthermore, with design for manufacturing flexibility, there is hardly a pause when changing from one configuration to the next with InterTech machines.

“Changeover capabilities for a leak test machine on the production line have to be fast – five minutes or less – in these applications,” said Jacques Hoffmann, president of Illinois based InterTech Development Company. “What you see at our booth is a docking cart with quick interlock that is easily adapted to a main testing stand that shows the testing cycle in real time.”

One example has flow testing with supply air at 100 lpm maximum and port back pressure is monitored to specified limits. An InterTech M1075y test instrument controls the test cycle. Only accepted parts are automatically marked.

In another example, vessels are leak tested to 8.0 sccm at 20 kPa with modular InterTech test instruments and machines. Automated R&R mode facilitates scheduled machine qualification and audit traceability.

“What we have is mass flow leak testing with the fastest, most flexible and cost effective technology now available for production line use,” said Hoffmann. “This is backed with reliable data from proven leak test instrumentation and fixturing from InterTech.”

InterTech’s mission for The ASSEMBLY Show is to expose more people to mass flow systems designed with a new generation of sensor technology and innovative concepts in flexible design.

For more information about quick-change leak testing and flow testing machines, contact Gerald Sim (, 847/679-3377).


Fuel line components are flow tested at a rate of 180 parts/hour and part changeover takes less than five minutes with quick-change carts from InterTech.

About InterTech Development Company

InterTech Development Company ( designs and manufactures instrumentation and automated systems that in turn help manufacturers and machine builders in the automotive, medical, and industrial sectors manufacture and test their products. A world leader in test-centric assembly and test technology, InterTech specializes in automated leak and functional testing with seven patented mass flow and hydraulic technologies as well as helium mass spectrometry. Founded in 1973, ISO 9001 certified and headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, InterTech has sales and service offices in North America, Asia and Europe.

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