Coming Soon: eFlex SmartGlass for Google Glass! “Try It On” During Live Demos at The Assembly Show


Sept. 10, 2014 - A production line without laptops and industrial kiosks is not just coming next, it is now a reality! eFlex Systems will be unveiling their latest lean leveraging technology eFlex SmartGlass for Google Glass in live booth demos at The Assembly Show Oct. 28-30, 2014 in Rosemont, Illinois. Show attendees can visit booth #925 to wear Google Glass and be walked through main points on the booth’s assembly line demo to see how stations and parts feed data straight into the glass in front of their eyes!

Benefits to the Industry:

Booth visitors will experience a glimpse of the extensive data that is available through eFlex SmartGlass through the simplicity of walking up to a station or picking up a part off the line, scanning it and getting a real-time feed.

The custom-built hardware and software suite in eFlex SmartGlass will empower manufacturing lines with real-time analytics and information across the entire production spectrum through Google Glass, as well as Android tablets, with the ability to:

    • Revolutionize manufacturing lines with increased production and process intelligence on every station and every part.
    • Provide real-time analytics across all manufacturing.
    • Free workers from lugging laptops and minimize high-cost industrial kiosks.
    • Exchange data between production lines, parts and eFlex software applications, including eFlex Vision, eFlex Assembly and eFlex Track & Trace.



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About eFlex Systems

eFlex Systems is a recognized industry leader in the design and implementation of advanced technology and world-class assembly optimization solutions for the manufacturing and information technology markets. We can help you achieve the right balance of technology and lean manufacturing principles to meet changing market demands. Serving a global customer base, we continue to expand our production assembly optimization expertise. We rely on our reputation as a world class manufacturing software company and manufacturing consulting firm to both attract new customers and preserve our relationship with existing clients. Our team includes a diverse group of engineers from manufacturing, software and consulting disciplines.

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