October 23 - 25, 2018

Rosemont, IL

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SpinnOmatic Branding Change


eci SpinnOmatic purchased VSI Automation’s SpinnOmatic product line 5 years ago. SpinnOmatic was the first company to introduce the technology of Orbital Forming and created a lasting product from the beginning. With the changing times and customer expectations increasing the SpinnOmatic product line was in need of updating. Taking the quality product and making safety improvements, upgraded panels, opt touch and start/stop button modifications, customization capabilities and customer satisfaction are just a few examples of the changes that have been made. With this being said eci SpinnOmatic will be making a branding change during the show that will forever change the machinery created by under the SpinnOmatic name.

Benefits to the Industry:

SpinnOmatic and the Orbital Forming Line were introduced to the industry over 40 years ago, and eci SpinnOmatic has incorporated many customer improvements to the brand over the past 5 years. The branding change that will be revealed at the Assembly Show 2014 and will be represented in every machine created after the show. With this branding change it is not only a superficial branding change, but a positive representation of the way eci SpinnOmatic conducts business. With this change it is meant to represent the importance of retaining customers, keeping customer needs above all, respecting the SpinnOmatic name, withstanding changing times, seeking improvements to exceed expectations and redeem the SpinnOmatic name.

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