Two stages to a perfect delicate screw connection


FEIN AccuTec ASM two-stage shut-off screwdrivers reduce the time spent on delicate screwdriving operations by up to 70 per cent.

Metal on plastic: For delicate screwdriving applications, the way a screw settles is very important if damage to the material is to be avoided. As a rule, a slow screwdriver is used in order to protect the material. The FEIN AccuTec ASM two-stage shut-off screwdriver starts at a high speed. Once it reaches a pre-set threshold value, it automatically cuts back to a second speed level. This allows screw connections in industrial volume production, for example screw clamps, to be carried out with precision and reduces the time needed by around 70%.

Two-stage tightening

The FEIN AccuTec ASM two-stage screwdrivers with mid-mounted handle and cut-out initially operate at 800 or 600 rpm. When the desired threshold value is reached, they automatically cut back to the second speed of 55 to 155 rpm. This makes it possible to work up to the target torque very precisely so that overshooting is prevented. The two-stage tightening process developed by FEIN is electronically controlled.

Many different uses in industrial high-volume manufacturing

FEIN two-stage screwdrivers can easily be integrated into existing production processes. They have been developed for soft, delicate screw connections up to 6 Nm but can also be used for hard screw connections. The speed cuts back automatically; the user does not need to watch for audio visual signals nor make any manual adjustments. The switching point and the second speed can be configured without the use of a PC or any software. As there are no mechanical wearing parts, little maintenance or repair is necessary. All FEIN ASM cordless screwdrivers are fitted with brushless FEIN EC motors. This means they are more efficient, the storage batteries last longer, and maintenance costs are reduced compared to carbon brush motors. Soft start, cut-out, a restart lock and restart delay mechanism ensure that operation is fatigue-free and safe.

Two models for torques from 1 - 6 Nm

The FEIN AccuTEC ASM 9-4-2ST starts at an idling speed of 800 rpm and is designed for torques from 1.5 - 4 Nm. For 1 - 6 Nm and 600 rpm idling speed, the 9-6-2ST is the right choice.


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FEIN AccuTec ASM two-stage shut-off screwdrivers start at a high speed and automatically switch to a second, slower speed when the head of the screw makes contact with the material.

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The world's first power tool was invented by C. & E. FEIN GmbH. Wilhelm Emil Fein founded the Company in 1867. In 1895, FEIN invented the electric hand drill, the first-ever power tool. Today this long-standing Company is a world-renowned power tool manufacturer with 840 employees, 560 of whom work in Germany. The German manufacturer of premium products develops and produces application solutions for the metal working, interior outfitting and automotive sectors and is the specialist for professional and extremely reliable power tools for industry and manual trades. FEIN holds more than 800 active industrial property rights, including around 500 patents and patent applications. FEIN markets its products through 17 international subsidiaries and more than 50 representations around the globe. For over 140 years, FEIN has been synonymous with application solutions and premium quality.


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