Branson Ultrasonics Spotlights Laser Technology For Assembly Automation


Branson Ultrasonics, a business of Emerson, will be demonstrating their Contoured Laser Technology (CLT) at The Assembly Show 2014, booth number 623. Branson personnel will demonstrate laser capabilities and the benefits of laser technology to plastic welding.

CLT allows designers to incorporate visible, virtually particulate-free weld lines into the product design for superior aesthetics, maximum product integrity, and enhanced production efficiency. Because the process is non-intrusive, the parts typically have excellent cosmetic properties – there is no relative motion between the parts, any excitation or vibration, or large heated platens, only the weld area is heated and melted. The end result is a particulate free and aesthetically clean weld joint. This is of particular importance in under-the-hood automotive and medical applications.

How It Works

Branson Laser welders employ an exclusive process called Simultaneous Through- Transmission Infrared® (STTIr) welding. Simultaneous welding equates to speed, uniform collapse, and low localized power density. With STTlr®, laser energy produced by laser diodes passes through one plastic component (the transmissive component), and then is absorbed at the bond line by the second component (the absorptive component). This absorption heats and plasticizes the entire welding surface simultaneously while the two parts are held together under precision controlled pressure. The result: a strong, uniform weld, with less risk of rejects due to surface imperfections, than traditional trace laser welding can produce.

The major breakthrough in this laser technology is the ability to illuminate the entire welding surface simultaneously compared to other techniques that rely on scanning of the welding zone. In addition, CLT laser energy can be adjusted around the weld profile to optimize weld results. CLT units also offer quick-change capability that allows for fast exchange of tools for different applications.

Laser Advantages

  • Reduced flash plus no particulate
  • Faster welding cycles
  • No movement required between parts
  • No adhesives or consumables
  • Quieter than other welding processes
  • Collapse can be achieved
  • Melt is uniform on both halves

Other benefits of the process include/strong>

  • High-volume production capability
  • High-volume production capability
  • Clean, clear, weld-bead aesthetics
  • Application flexibility
  • Efficient welding of pre-assembled parts
  • Ability to weld a broad range of materials


Branson offers a full range of plastic welding equipment

The flexibility and range of all Branson welding systems allows you to select components and create the assembly system that meets your needs, matching system features to your application requirements. Branson Ultrasonics Corporation provides detailed information and guidelines for optimal use of their welding equipment for customers and interested persons.


About Branson

Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, Branson Ultrasonics Corporation ( is the leading worldwide manufacturer of plastics joining equipment including ultrasonic, linear and orbital vibration welders, hot plate welders, laser IRAM welders, infrared welders, thermal welders and spin welders for assembling thermoplastics. Branson also manufactures equipment for metal welding, liquid processing and precision cleaning. Branson was founded in 1946 and is a part of Industrial Automation Division of Emerson, St. Louis, MO.

About Emerson Industrial Automation

Emerson Industrial Automation (, a business of Emerson, provides automation and power generation technologies and services to a wide range of industries. With its global capabilities and deep industry expertise, Emerson Industrial Automation is a trusted partner for products and solutions that increase machine performance, efficiency, reliability, and availability. Its industry-leading brands include Appleton®, ASCO®, Branson®, Browning®, Control Techniques, Kop-Flex®, Leroy-Somer®, McGill®, Morse®, Numatics®, O-Z/Gedney, Rollway®, SealMaster®, and System Plast™.

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