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Harrison, OH - The Sentinel I28 is a multi-functional leak and flow test instrument built for maximum performance utilizing high speed pressure and flow measurement technology. Designed by Cincinnati Test Systems, the instrument utilizes advanced algorithms derived from over 30 years of proven test experience to produce fast and accurate results required by the most demanding customers. The Sentinel line of instruments has earned a top notch name in the marketplace and the high caliber Sentinel I28 instrument is no exception. The I28 conducts accurate measurements in part to its multi-point factory calibration process and holds this accuracy with an on-site calibration verification process.

The I28 pressure and flow instrument is designed utilizing two transducers; an absolute pressure transducer on one 24-bit analog to digital circuit to measure test pressure/pressure drop and a flow sensor on a second A-D circuit to measure the sensor output during the flow test. The high resolution measurement is converted by the instrument to a volumetric flow rate from the factory calibration settings and flow sensor calibration.

The Sentinel I28 instrument is designed to be operator friendly plus a pressure and flow instrument can handle a wide range of test types while offering outstanding data tracking capability. The I28 comes in a standard package that provides: mass flow, pressure decay-leak standard, pressure drop, rate of change, and occlusion test types; vivid, state-of-the-art color graphic screen for easy navigation and viewing; on-screen accept criteria is displayed for positive operator feedback; language neutral keypad and multi-language software; automatic part setup for easy programming of up to 99 part programs; auto calibration ensuring accurate results and easy operation; quick test for reducing test time and analyzing test results in real time; flexible communication formats — USB, Ethernet, and RS-232; last 5000 tests stored in on-board memory.

Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc. is a member of the TASI Group of Companies, based in Southwestern Ohio. CTS has been engineering and manufacturing precision leak test equipment and function/assembly verification tests for customers throughout the world since 1981.

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