Tinned Wires CAN be Ultrasonically Spliced with Our Made-in-the-USA SpliceRite™ Units

See Demonstrations of our Tinned Wire Splicing Capabilities at The Assembly Show, Booth # 346  sonobond

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania, September 8, 2014 – Sonobond’s ultrasonic technology provides the only ultrasonic system capable of welding the tin-coated wires and terminals essential to electrical applications for high-temperature, high-humidity and other environmentally challenging conditions. Tin-coated copper wiring is preferred for marine motors and electronics, appliances, solar panel wiring, and some automotive applications. Only Sonobond’s ultrasonic units can achieve consistently reliable welds that remain highly conductive without sacrificing the protective properties of the tin coating.

“Thanks to our unique Wedge-Reed System, patented in 1960, we can provide the most durable and precise welds of any ultrasonic metal welder manufacturer,” says Janet Devine, Sonobond president. “This exclusive capability sets us apart from our competitors.”

SpliceRite™ Features and Benefits – On Display at The Assembly Show

Sonobond’s SpliceRite™ family of ultrasonic wire splicers are capable of splicing oxidized or tinned wires—up to 60 mm2–in one quick pulse and without pre-cleaning. They create solid-state metallurgical bonds with high conductivity for wire-to-wire applications used in many industries.

All SpliceRite™ units feature a microprocessor controller that can be equipped to program welds by height, energy or time, and store and recall up to 250 jobs. Plus, all units have heat-treated, taper-lock tips that are able to be redressed and can produce up to 100,000 welds before being discarded. They’re easily replaceable without requiring machine readjustment or calibration. Additionally, Sonobond equipment offers automatic frequency control and overload protection, and can detect and prevent wrong-part or no-part activation when equipped with an optional distance measuring device.

Our Dual Head SpliceRite™ is the FIRST splicer to handle copper bundles up to 100 mm2 in one quick pulse and is the unit that splices tinned wire up to 60 mm2. For smaller capacity needs we offer the SpliceRite™ WS2026 for 40 mm2 wire and 20 mm2 tinned wire; and the WS2036 model for 60 mm2 wire and 35 mm2 tinned wire.

The Unique Technology Behind SpliceRite™ Capabilities – The Wedge-Reed System

Sonobond’s Wedge-Reed System was specifically designed for high impedance metal welding. It combines low vibratory amplitude with high vibratory force, directed in a shear mode parallel to the interface of the materials to be welded. The shear mode is essential for ultrasonic metal welding.

The Wedge-Reed System uses a vertical, vibrating reed, driven by a wedge-shaped coupler and transducer assembly that’s perpendicular to the reed. With the line of static clamping force directly above the parts to be welded, high clamp force can be achieved without bending stress or stalling. The tin coating is dispersed and the copper wire is welded without compromising the conductivity of the copper.


See Us at The Assembly Show

Visit us at The Assembly Show, Rosemont, IL, October 28-30, 2014, in Booth # 346. We’ll have tinned wire available to demonstrate our unique splicing capabilities as well as technical staff ready to answer any questions about your specific production requirements.

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For more information on Sonobond’s ultrasonic technology, equipment or for submitting materials for a free Ultrasonic Welding Viability Test, please visit Simply click the FREE SAMPLE WELDS button to be taken to a short form asking some basic information that can be completed quickly and easily. Sonobond’s technical staff will respond promptly with material requirements and destination details.

You can also view an informational video on Ultrasonic Wire Splicing, and view or download our Ultrasonic Metal Welding Primer and our Wedge-Reed vs. Lateral Drive Ultrasonic Welding System Comparison on our Metal Welders section. For immediate attention, call 800-323-1269, 610-696-4710, or email

Leading the Industry

A pioneer in ultrasonic technology, Sonobond holds more than 150 patents, including the first for ultrasonic metal welding awarded in 1960, when the company was known as Aeroprojects. In the ensuing 54 years, Sonobond has established and maintained a well-earned reputation for innovative and quality-engineered products. Today, the company manufactures a complete line of ultrasonic welding and bonding equipment used by leading firms in the electrical, automotive, appliance, HVAC, solar, aerospace, filtration, medical, body armor and apparel industries.



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