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Rosemont, IL June 12, 2014 - Thousands of manufacturing engineers and managers will gather October 28-30, 2014, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center here to see the latest technology in robotics and assembly automation at The 2nd Annual ASSEMBLY Show, the only event in North America that focuses exclusively on assembly technology, equipment and products. This year's show will feature a wide array of technologies aimed at improving product quality and preventing recalls. Such technologies are particularly crucial in the automotive and medical device manufacturing industries, which have been grappling recently with recalls.

"A recent FDA report has shown that medical device recalls have almost doubled in the past 10 years. Thirty-six percent of those recalls are related to device and software design failures, making them the most common reason for recalls," said John Sprovieri, chief editor of ASSEMBLY Magazine. "On The ASSEMBLY Show floor, many exhibitors can assist in the improvement of products and teach engineers how to use different technologies to help lessen this trend."

Automakers recalled 21.9 million cars and trucks in the United States just last year and have initiated over 9% more vehicle recalls from 2012 to 2013. This year, the trend has only become worse. Through June 3, 2014, automakers have instituted 81 recalls encompassing more than 23.1 million vehicles. That's the fourth highest total in U.S. history, and there's still six months left in the year. GM alone has now recalled more vehicles in 2014-13.8 million-than it has sold in the past five years.

A contributing factor to the recall epidemic revolves around the fact that automotive designs have more parts in common, requiring OEMs to recall more vehicles when something goes wrong with one of those common parts. Other issues related to the increased amount of recalls include the amount of reliability testing being done, available resources, and test procedures for automotive parts.

On the show floor, exhibitors will be showcasing a wealth of technologies that can help manufacturers improve quality, reduce defects and prevent recalls. Power tool companies, such as ASG, Ingersoll Rand and Desoutter, will be displaying screwdrivers and nutrunners equipped with torque and angle control, error-proofing, and data recording to enhance vehicle quality and reliability. Test equipment suppliers, such as InterTech, Inficon and Kistler, will share new technologies for preventing leaks and other defects in safety-critical assemblies, such as respirators and fuel injectors.

Suppliers of presses and riveters, such as Promess, Schmidt and Baltec, will be displaying their latest offerings, equipped with sophisticated sensors that measure key variables even as parts are being put together. Other exhibitors, such as Balluff and Banner Engineering, will be bringing the latest in sensors and vision systems, which can help manufacturers measure and inspect their products.

"There are so many different ways to improve product quality and prevent recalls that just about any exhibitor on The ASSEMBLY Show floor will be able to help a manufacturer improve its processes. Indeed, manufacturers can often improve quality simply by automating a process. By taking the human element out of an assembly process, you instantly improve reliability and repeatability," added Sprovieri.

The ASSEMLY Show exhibitors will offer the latest advances in robotics, screwdriving, adhesives, dispensing, plastics assembly, presses, conveyors, fasteners, packaging, workstations, welding, vision systems and more. The event's Gold Sponsor is Ingersoll Rand. The three-day event is free to attend and offers and expansive exhibit hall with interactive exhibitor booth showcasing new technologies, showcase theater presentations by subject matter experts, a keynote presentation, networking opportunities with peers and solution providers at the Taste of Rosemont Welcome Reception, and much more.

The ASSEMBLY Show is sponsored by ASSEMBLY (, a monthly trade magazine read by 56,000 engineers and managers responsible for manufacturing and designing cars, computers, catheters, coffee makers, etc. ASSEMBLY covers the processes, technologies and strategies for joining discrete parts into finished products. The event is produced by BNP Media (, one of the country's leading business-to-business media companies serving professionals across 50+ industries. For more information and to register to attend, visit

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