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Rosemont, IL, October 22, 2013 -Next week, over 3,000 engineers and manufacturing professionals will gather at The ASSEMBLY Show, the only event of the year focused exclusively on assembly technology, equipment and products from more than 150 exhibiting companies. This trade show will take place Monday, Oct. 28, through Wednesday, Oct. 30, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.


Several exhibitors will feature new products, including:

Bossard North America (booth 807) will be introducing the Bossard ecosyn®-BCT Rivet Nut with Bulge-Control Technology, which allows the nut to be installed in many unconventional blind hole applications.

Dymax Corp. (booth 1025) will feature four new products. SpeedMask® 726-SC is a light-curable masking resin formulated to provide excellent surface protection of turbine engine components, orthopaedic implants and metal components during plating, plasma spray, blasting, anodizing and powder-coating processes. The BlueWave® 200 version 3.0 curing system offers the highest intensity and most user-friendly operation in the industry. The automatic, controlled power-up sequence ensures proper lamp operating temperature to minimize scrap, and the unit’s new, smooth, easy-to-clean faceplate features an improved operator interface for easier setup, programming, and operation. Ultra Light-Weld® 431 is a versatile adhesive for glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal applications. This material has been formulated to resist high-temperature and high-moisture environments while maintaining superior adhesion and flexibility. The BlueWave® LED Prime UVA high-intensity spot-curing system offers many advantages over conventional spot-curing systems, including no consumable bulbs to change, no warm-up, cool cures, and constant intensity for thousands of hours.

EPSON Robots (Booth 925) will display its C4 and C4L six-axis robots featuring SlimLine arms and a compact wrist pitch, enabling them to easily reach into confined and restricted spaces from many angles with smooth motion. This capability makes the robots ideal for small-parts and medical-device assembly. They have a maximum payload of 4 kilograms, with 0.37-second cycle time and ±0.02 millimeter repeatability. Horizontal reach is 665 millimeters (C4) or 965 millimeters (C4L). Both robots come with the RC700 controller.

Herrmann Ultrasonics (booth 723) will feature a new machine that can punch and weld PCE membranes in a single cycle. This reduces the cycle time to less than two seconds. Daytime running lights have recently become mandatory by EU standards and are a popular style element. But, their complex 3D shape represents a challenge for joining technology. The ultrasonic welding tool can be easily adapted to the design type by means of studs in various heights. Short cycle times and indexed tool change kits allow for time-saving application and for an ever-increasing variety of variants.

Mecco Marking & Traceability (booth 446) will introduce the EtherMark/IP: Ethernet/IP for Marking Devices a patent-pending native communication package that facilitates integration of marking systems into factory automation networks using Ethernet/IP protocol.

Nordson EFD (booth 104) will be conducting a live demonstration of its new product, the PICO® xMOD™ Valve, which uses durable piezoelectric actuation technology to dispense fluids at up to 500 cycles per second. It deposits amounts as small as 2 nanoliters with high accuracy and excellent process control.

Orbitform (booth 633) will debut three new products at this year’s ASSEMBLY Show, offering new forming possibilities across a wide range of applications. The new Orbitform 840 Powerhead extends pneumatic capability into hydraulic level forces by providing up to 12,700 lbs. of forming force, making it one of the most powerful pneumatic orbital forming systems on the market today. The 840 is offered in standard bench and pedestal machine configurations. Orbitform's new Servo Driven Powerhead offers precision control, variable advance and retract rates, and a range of forming forces for the most delicate to the most technically demanding assembly applications. This innovative powerhead provides the control you need with the speed you want. The Hot Upset forming and riveting process uses heat and pressure to form the fastener. The material being formed becomes malleable and collapses under pressure applied by the powerhead. Using this process, fasteners have increased hole fill, allowing the creation of very high-torque joints

Panasonic (booth 346) will introduce six new clutch tools to its line-up of cordless assembly tools at the ASSEMBLY Show 2013. Designed with advanced features and exceptional durability, the new EYFGA Series of Precision Cordless Clutch Tools provide greater accuracy and repeatability, and are capable of programmable speeds, detecting cross threads, rehits and error proofing. The clutch tools will be available November 2013 via Panasonic’s exclusive assembly tool dealers nationwide. Panasonic will also introduce two new lithium ion cordless power tools to its Tough IPTM professional-grade product offering at the ASSEMBLY Show 2013. Both dust and water resistant, the power tools have received an IP56 certification under international standards administered by the International Electro Technical Commission (IEC), and will be available this fall via Panasonic Tough IP Dealers nationwide and at

Patlite’s (booth 922) next-generation EHV/EHS Series MP3 Annunciator and Melody/Alarm Horn provides the programmable functionality needed for today’s ever-changing industrial and commercial settings. The EHV/EHS is 30% more compact than previous models, yet improves sound quality and volume (up to 105dB at 1 meter for the EHV and up to 110dB at 1 meter for the EHS). Patlite’s new LFH Series LED Warning Lights produce a high-visibility, 110 flashes-per-minute strobe beacon light suitable for virtually any industrial application: indoor or outdoor, day or night, rain or shine, hot or cold. The lights provide superior sunlight visibility in the daytime, and nighttime visibility of 3,280 feet.

Permabond (booth 938) will offer a new range of adhesives for bonding composites. New products include several one-part and two-part epoxy adhesives, two-part urethanes and modified epoxies. Permabond Engineering Adhesives offers a wide range of structural acrylic adhesives including the popular aerospace-approved TA4246 resin and brush-on initiator, which rapidly cures to a high strength and offers excellent shear strength, peel strength and impact resistance. Permabond is delighted to announce the launch of its new range of two-component polyurethane adhesives. Permabond PT326 and PT328 are ideal for bonding, laminating, potting and encapsulating components.

Schleuniger Inc. (booth 133) will feature the new CoaxStrip 5200, CrimpCenter 36S, PowerStrip 9550 and more. The CoaxStrip 5200 is a semiautomatic, programmable multistep stripping machine for coaxial, multiconductor cable and single conductor wire. It can process cables up to 7 mm OD and strip lengths up to 33 millimeters. The compact, fully automatic CrimpCenter 36S offers space for six processing stations. The modular PowerStrip 9550 automaticall cuts and strips wire up to 2/0 AWG.

SCHUNK Inc. (Booth 405) will show the PPU-E50 pick-and-place machine for high-speed assembly of medium-weight components. It has a 105-millimeter vertical stroke, a 208-millimeter horizontal stroke and can achieve a cycle time of 0.92 second with a 5-kilogram part. Position sensors control the vertical and horizontal motion, and assure a repeat accuracy of less than 0.01 millimeter. The unit has two stationary motors and does not require movable motor cable. Its narrow housing allows several units to be operated next to each other.

Swanson Systems Inc. (Booth 1033) will display its Agile Assembly system, which can be used as the base for automatic assembly machines that can be easily expanded, contracted and reconfigured. The system is compatible with robotic and mechanically actuated tooling. Components include standard and slim cells, drives, parts placers, brackets, spring cartridges and a T-key, which eliminates the need for tooling-related fasteners and dowels. Possible configurations include low- or high-speed production and manual workcells, prototyping and proof of principle test beds, dockable stations, production lines and various loop arrangements.

These exhibitors will be showcasing their products in an expansive expo hall where thousands of industry professionals will find today’s premier industry suppliers, experience hands-on demonstrations of working equipment, and meet with forward-thinking assembly providers.

In addition to a dynamic show floor, two keynote speakers will share their insights on the current state and future state of U.S. manufacturing.

They are:

Daniel J. Meckstroth, Ph.D., vice president and chief economist for the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity & Innovation (MAPI), will present on Tuesday, October 29th. He will cover a variety of economic issues, including the resurgence of the automotive industry, the reshoring of jobs, and the increasing investment in robotics.

Michael F. Molnar, director of the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office and chief manufacturing officer of the National Institute of Standards and Technology will present on Wednesday, October 30th. He will focus mainly on bringing jobs back to the United States.

The show also offers multiple showcase theater presentations that will discuss the latest technological advances. Taking place right on the show floor, these free educational sessions will be presented by leading technology companies, including Panasonic Assembly Tools, Nordson EFD, Dymax Corp., Desoutter Industrial Tools, Henkel Corp., eFlex Systems, Czuba Enterprises, as well as industry associations including the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing, The Illinois Science and Technology Coalition and the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.

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