Cordless Clutch Tools Designed to Provide High-End Features for the Assembly Market Debuts at ASSEMBLY Show 2013
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NEWARK, NJ (October 1, 2013) - Panasonic will introduce a new series of six clutch tools to its line-up of cordless assembly tools at the ASSEMBLY Show 2013. Designed with advanced features and exceptional durability, the new EYFGA Series of Precision Cordless Clutch Tools provide greater accuracy and repeatability, and are capable of programmable speeds, detecting cross threads, rehits, and error proofing. The clutch tools will be available November 2013 via Panasonic’s exclusive assembly tool dealers nationwide.

The new EYFGA Series of Precision Cordless Clutch Tools include three clutch tools with error proofing capability and three clutch tools with operator OK/NOK indications both visual and audible. All models feature a programmable LED work light and are powered by two battery options a 2.0 Ah lightweight battery pack or Panasonic’s 4.2Ah Lithium Nickel high capacity batteries – the highest rated battery capacity in the cordless tool market.

“Our tools are designed with ergonomics, durability and accuracy in mind, allowing users to work faster and safer. The introduction of these new cordless clutch tools provide advanced solutions for manufacturing engineers to reduce costs while increasing productivity,” said John Olson, Group Manager Panasonic Power Tool Division.

New Cordless Clutch Tools

Panasonic developed this line of cordless assembly tools to meet the growing demand for ergonomic tools on the factory floor. The light weight balanced design, cushioned grip and minimal torque reaction, helps to reduce operator fatigue; therefore, creating a better work environment.

Panasonic EYFGA Cordless Clutch Tools

Panasonic’s New EYFGA Series of Precision Cordless Clutch Tools are intelligent, ergonomic, repeatable and accurate. The tool design incorporates a comfortable grip, weight balanced with minimal torque reaction weighing less than 3.5 lbs. The fast acting clutch and a photo interrupter (non-contact switch) shuts off the tool immediately giving the tool its accuracy and repeatability. The optional downshift feature can increase accuracy by slowing the tool down just before final torque. Other programmable features include adjustable rundown speeds, cross thread reduction, cross thread / rehit detection, and programmable maintenance intervals. The possibilities for this energy efficient tool make it ideal for any manufacturing assembly process.


Intelligent Shut-Off and Under Torque Prevention
Panasonic’s clutch tools help resolve issues associated with under and over torqueing by using an intelligent auto shut-off and fast acting clutch. To prevent loose or under torqued fasteners, a photo interrupter is activated and shuts off the tool immediately. If the tool shuts off before the clutch photo interrupter is activated the tool will light the NOK signal. As the operator runs the tool, a CPU monitors the battery level at all times. When the battery no longer has enough power to reach the required torque the CPU automatically shuts down the tool to prevent under torqued fasteners.

Advanced Strategies
The new Panasonic Clutch Tool is far from basic and offers the user several programmable features such as rundown speed, rehit prevention, cross thread reduction, downshift, minimum runtime and a maintenance interval alarm feature.

Quick and Easy Tool Programming / Operator Lockout
To safeguard tool settings, a clutch adjustment tool is needed for changing the torque. The tool can only be programmed by a remote control which eliminates operators from tampering with the tools settings. The easy-to-use remote control can be used to change tool settings, speed, rehit prevention (double hit), cross thread reduction, downshift, minimum runtime, maintenance interval alarm, buzzer, obtain the model number and restore the tool to factory defaults.

4.2 Ah High Capacity Lithium Nickel Battery
Panasonic’s 4.2Ah Li-Ion high capacity batteries are the highest rated battery capacity in the cordless tool market. All of Panasonic’s li-ion batteries are built with smart technology which constantly monitors the battery to prevent over-charging; over-discharging and it can shut down the battery under extreme temperatures. During the charging cycle, the smart board allows the battery to be charged quickly to 80% capacity then switches to a trickle charge to assure each of the cells are topped off evenly. Monitoring the voltage for over-discharge prevents users from running the tool after it reaches to low of a voltage which could damage the battery or the tool. Plus, an internal temperature sensor flashes a warning light if internal temperatures rise, and then cuts off tool power if battery temperature reaches critical levels. The battery is easy to remove using a simple slide-down release button, can be charged to 80 percent capacity in 50 minutes and fully charge in 60 minutes when charged with the EY0L82B charger.

Reduced Maintenance Cost
Panasonic has increased the life of their tools by using a high efficiency brushless motor, hybrid trigger switch and an accurate robust clutch. The hybrid switch allows the high current draw of the motor and brake to be controlled by a separate circuit bypassing the switch all together. In addition, the robust clutch design was engineered for a million cycles. Utilizing the best components, Panasonic tools reduce downtime, parts costs and maintenance repair costs.

Safety & Product Damage Prevention
Switching to Panasonic cordless assembly tools eliminates the safety hazards associated with tripping over air hoses and electric tool cables. An advantage to using cordless power tools is that they eliminate air hose and tool cable damage. Panasonic Cordless Tools help to reduce rework cost and lost production time by eliminating hoses and cords.

Operator Visual Indicator
To reduce the overall assembly process time, Panasonic Assembly Tools automatically shut-off and instantly provide the operator a visual for OK / NOK status indicating the fastening process is complete. The highly visible OK/NOK light can be seen from the rear of the tool.

Reduced Energy Costs
Manufacturers are quickly realizing that compressed air is expensive and are looking for alternate options. Cordless tools offer manufacturers an alternative to compressed air that and can help save up to 95% in electrical cost compared to traditional air tools.

Illuminating the Work Area
When activated, a built-in front LED light turns on to illuminate the assembly area. The LED light promotes visibility improving screw and bit placement therefore reducing cycle time. The LED can be programmed to turn on/off with the trigger, or with the convenient switch on the control panel depending on the operator’s preference. An additional feature of the tool to conserve battery power is an auto shut-off timer for the LED once the tool is not operated for 5 minutes.

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