October 23 - 25, 2018

Rosemont, IL

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microscankingSTEVEN KING
Product Manager

Steven King has been in the Machine Vision, Robotics and Automation field for over 30 years. Most of that time, Steven was a Applications and Solutions Engineer concentrating on applications in the packaging and electronics sectors. Recently Steven was promoted to Machine Vision Product manager for Microscan and presided over the release of the MicroHAWK MV smart camera platform, the latest version of Microscan's award winning AutoVISION software, as well as the new Microscan’s products for machine vision.

Ensure 100% Traceability and Quality of Your Products using Microscan Automatic Identification and Machine Vision Systems

Microscan is known throughout the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Packaging, Electronics, Automotive and Document Handling industries as a premier provider of laser and imager based Automatic Identification and Machine Vision systems, and as having a reputation for delivering high quality, reliable products as well as world class applications and technical support.

Microscan’s broad suite of code reading, code quality verification, inspection, gauging and guidance algorithms have been honed over the past 35 years. These capabilities are delivered through a scalable suite of industrial ready Smart Sensors, Smart Cameras and PC based systems using extremely powerful, yet simple and intuitive setup and runtime software suitable for use by the line operator all the way up to the engineering level.

This presentation will show you the benefits of employing this automation technology in your production environments through the demonstration of its use in common manufacturing applications. It will also introduce you to the entire suite of Microscan products, and provide a guide on how to pick the right components for your specific sensing needs.

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