October 23 - 25, 2018

Rosemont, IL

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garnerDesoutterDAVE GARNER
Vice President Desoutter Industrial Tools – Aerospace Segment
Desoutter Industrial Tools

Dave Garner has worked for Desoutter Industrial Tools for twenty years having started with the company in 1997 following a ten year career in the consumer products and retailing industry. His team has worked with some of the country’s leading manufacturers, most recently Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, to bring improvements and advancements in production efficiency. He has held a variety of positions within Desoutter both in the sales and marketing areas including the management of Desoutter’s innovative E Pulse reaction-free DC tool. Dave has previously made presentations at The Assembly Show in the past and is pleased to have the opportunity again in 2017.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from The Ohio State University.

Smart and Cyber Safe Production Environments

Managing production assets continues to be a new source for cost reduction and process improvement. This is the combination of the digital and physical assets on our production floors.

As our devices get more intelligent, we have more ways to interact and manage them. This improves many aspects of production; Location management, security, preventative maintenance, guided processes, and even communicating with other devices on the floor.

We must also prepare to manage our digital assets. Information is one of the most important assets on the production floor. Production data is used for determining product build processes all the way to organizing and managing completed product data. It is essential that this information is managed as closely as our physical assets. Ensuring this information is secure, decentralized, documented, and uniform, will allow the foundation required to excel with the agility required for Industry 4.0

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