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Join us for three webinars leading up to The ASSEMBLY Show.  This FREE monthly webinar series will provide expert insight and help you understand new ideas and insights to improve your products and processes.

Registration for our FREE webinar series will be open soon. In the meantime, check out our 2017 webinar series on demand now which will be available through August 28, 2018.

AUGUST 29th, 2018 @ 2:00pm ET

Making Factory Workers More Competitive in an Increasingly Automated World

Prasad Akella, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Drishti Technologies Inc.

Manufacturing has two big secrets.

The first is that, despite years of advances in robotics and automation, most factory work is still performed by humans. Indeed, only about 10 percent of factory tasks are performed by robots. The rest is done by people.

The second is this: For 100 years, human tasks have been almost entirely invisible to analytics. The techniques to measure workers’ activities haven’t materially changed since the days of Henry Ford. These techniques are manual, time-consuming and impossible to perform at scale.

That’s a problem, because if you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it. And, if manufacturers think human productivity has reached its limits, no wonder they look to offshoring or automation.

Now, a Silicon Valley startup, Drishti Technologies Inc., promises to change all that. Drishti is applying computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a meaningful data set from human activities. Manufacturers can use Drishti’s technology for true digital transformation: not just to optimize workstations and assembly lines, but to improve all the functions that rely on time and motion data from human activities. Learn how in this thought-provoking webinar.


SEPTEMBER 19th, 2018 @ 2:00pm ET

Green Design and Manufacturing for Sustainability

Nand K. Jha, Ph.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Manhattan College

A growing number of manufacturers today are considering the environmental impact of their products and processes. Manufacturers are discovering that sustainable manufacturing isn’t just “the right thing to do,” it has also become good business.

In this webinar, you’ll learn analytical techniques for cost minimization, reduction of material waste, and the reduction of energy consumption during the manufacturing process. Professor Jha will:

  • Cover the concepts of green design and end-of-life treatment, including eco-material selection
  • Discuss green design of mechanical components, such as springs and gears
  • Talk about the integration of green design and sustainability with traditional mechanical component design
  • Examine sustainable design concepts including assembly and disassembly and the recyclability and reuse of mechanical components.


OCTOBER 10th, 2018 @ 2:00pm ET

Designing Successful Products With Plastics: Fundamentals of Plastic Part Design

Mark T. MacLean-Blevins, President, MacLean-Blevins & Associates Inc.

This webinar will provide expert insight into the design considerations required to bring a concept product or part from design to production. Learn how integrating four key choices—materials, processes, tooling and design—in every design decision enables engineers to fully vet and optimize their designs. The talk will emphasize what engineers need to consider during the early conceptual visualization stages, and in the detailed stages of the design process.

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