Vice President of Marketing and Engineering
Balluff Inc. 

As the vice president of marketing and engineering for Balluff Inc. in Florence, Kentucky, Tom Rosenberg oversees the machine operations, factory automation, and industry marketing teams.

An industry veteran, he has studied the customer process and managed the design and development of products for automated assembly — many specifically designed to meet the needs for error proofing in automated and semi-automated applications.

His views on error proofing have been published, and he has been quoted in numerous trade publications as an expert on sensing solutions. His work can be read in the "Error Proofing Assembly Processes" whitepaper on the Balluff website.

His 20-plus years of work with Balluff includes extensive, hands-on experience with products and applications for assembly automation, as well as product management for I/O networks and sensors including lasers, measurement sensors and vision.


Technologies for Error-Proofing Automated Assembly

Assembly machines are dumb. They can only do what they’re told, over and over again. Without a sense of sight or touch, they can’t know if parts or pallets are where they’re supposed to be. A robot or pick-and-place unit will perform its preprogrammed motion regardless of whether the gripper has successfully picked up a part. If that part fails to get added to the workpiece, the pallet will still be passed to subsequent stations, which will mindlessly add value to a worthless assembly.

That’s why automated assembly systems are festooned with sensors and vision systems. In this presentation, engineers will learn:

  • Options for inspecting and error-proofing automated assembly operations.
  • Advantages and limitations of error-proofing technologies.
  • IIoT—the intersection of error-proofing and data collection.
  • Tips, tricks and techniques for error proofing.


Join the IO-Link Revolution! It Will Make & Save You Money!

IO-Link is taking the world of industrial automation by storm. Condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, simplified controls, simplified wiring, smart sensors, Industrial IoT (IIoT) and much more are being enabled by the explosively popular technology IO-Link.

IO-Link is an open standard (IEC 61131-9) offered by all major automation suppliers. It is changing the game across manufacturing from automotive to metalworking and packaging to assembly. Major motivations for adopting IO-Link like faster troubleshooting and increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) are driving manufacturers and equipment builders alike to implement IO-Link on their equipment.

We will explore, with multiple real world & vendor neutral examples, just how easy IO-Link is to integrate and support, how this universal standard works, the difference between capturing versus controlling data for IIoT applications and how IO-Link smart devices can reduce risk and enable & scale your next manufacturing project.

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