Tuesday, October 23, 2018 | 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Automated assembly systems are expensive. A simple rotary-indexing dial system with four to six stations might cost $300,000. A linear system with multiple assembly and test stations can easily top $1 million and take a year to execute. The risks are high for both the OEM and the systems integrator that will design and build the machine. In this workshop, you will learn how to obtain an automated assembly system on-time and on-budget. We’ll take you through the entire process—from concept to final run-off, and we’ll provide tips, tricks and advice for cost-effective and efficient operation. Whether you make auto parts, medical devices, consumer products or some other high-volume assembly, this workshop will better prepare you for implementing automation.



Working With Systems Integrators

Mark Burzynski, President, Arthur G. Russell Co.

Automation is expensive. A simple rotary-indexing dial system with four to six stations might cost $300,000. A linear system with multiple assembly and test stations can easily top $1 million and take a year to execute. The risks for both sides are high. OEMs want to be first to market, and they don’t want to be stuck with an expensive white elephant. Systems integrators don’t want to eat the costs of engineering underdeveloped parts or processes.

Fortunately, finding the right integrator and establishing a good working relationship need not be difficult. A little planning up-front can ensure a smooth project from start to finish.  This presentation that will discuss:

  • How to pick an integrator
  • How to write an RFQ
  • How to evaluate proposals
  • How the system build process works


Perfecting Parts Feeding

Greg Pflum, President, Performance Feeders Inc.

Getting the right part in the right place, in the right orientation, and at the right time is vital for efficient assembly. Unfortunately, feeding parts is often more of a black art than a science, and it has puzzled assembly professionals for years. In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Options for Parts Feeding
    • Types of Parts Feeders
  • Tips for successfully implementing a parts feeding project
    • Communicating with your vendor
    • Understanding the importance of part specifications
  • Important information vendors need to accurately quote and build feed systems


Technologies for Error-Proofing Automated Assembly

Tom Rosenberg, Director of Marketing, Balluff Inc. 

Assembly machines are dumb. They can only do what they’re told, over and over again. Without a sense of sight or touch, they can’t know if parts or pallets are where they’re supposed to be. A robot or pick-and-place unit will perform its preprogrammed motion regardless of whether the gripper has successfully picked up a part. If that part fails to get added to the workpiece, the pallet will still be passed to subsequent stations, which will mindlessly add value to a worthless assembly.

That’s why automated assembly systems are festooned with sensors and vision systems. In this presentation, engineers will learn:

  • Options for inspecting and error-proofing automated assembly operations
  • Advantages and limitations of error-proofing technologies
  • IIoT—the intersection of error-proofing and data collection
  • Tips, tricks and techniques for error proofing


Achieving Flexibility in Automated Assembly

Mark Farris, Applications Engineer, ATC Automation

Product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter. By one estimate, 50 percent of a typical company’s annual revenues are derived from products launched within the previous three years. Long-term cash cows—products that stay in a company’s portfolio for many years—are a thing of the past. As a result, flexibility is increasingly being design into automated assembly systems.  This presentation will provide:

  • Definition of flexibility in automated assembly. What’s possible? What isn’t? When does flexibility make sense?
  • Elements of flexibility in automated assembly
  • Examples of flexible assembly systems
  • Tips, tricks and techniques for achieving flexibility

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